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Hayley Lehmann Photography

Hayley, Chief Photographer,

Hayley, Chief Photographer,

Hayley formed Hayley Lehmann Photography in 2002. “The best bits about being my own boss are meeting clients, taking photographs which is both my passion and talent, growing the business and seeing where it will go next.”

She likes taking away people’s phobia of being in front of the camera and will keep going until she knows you’ll be blown away by the result. “I can make even the most camera-shy of people feel at ease.” With a great love of fashion photography, many of her image references are taken from Vogue.

Prior to founding her own business, Hayley completed a six-year apprenticeship at a very highly regarded London studio and underwent formal training at Central London and Westminster Polytechnics, and NESCOT. “My first photography course was like igniting a fire! I just knew that this was my vocation in life.” She also photographs for Charles Green Studios at the investitures at Buckingham Palace. Hayley has a degree in Business Studies and worked as a Management Consultant in her previous career.

Constantly creative, Hayley designed her garden which has now been landscaped to look “pretty stunning with pond n’all” and her kitchen with a glass roof and a large island in the middle known as The Continent. She’s also known as ‘Gizmo Girl’ – “If there’s a new gadget, I’ve got to have it!” she explains.

- Cycled from London to Paris, Cairo to Eilat and across Kenya and Jordan
- Ran (well...walked) the London Marathon in 2002 “with no training whatsoever”
- Is a real foodie who loves going out for wonderful meals

Meni, Second Photographer & Assistant

Meni, Second Photographer & Assistant

Meni has been helping take our wedding and barmitzvah photos since 2003, and is a highly respected and valued member of the team. “It’s nice to be photographing such happy occasions,” he says.

He graduated with an MA in Photographical Engineering in Tel Aviv in 1996 before moving to London and working in medical and science photography, as a freelance photographer covering a range of subjects, and at a film production company. Meni takes pride in producing work of high quality and has a discerning eye for detail.

With a new baby girl who arrived in 2008, he is “building a big smiley happy family”.

- Has photographed commercials including Wrangler Jeans
- His pictures have appeared on classical and ambient music CD covers
- Is a qualified chef who specialises in cooking Mediterranean food and Japanese meat

Linsey, Sales & Marketing

Linsey, Sales & Marketing

As our part-time sales and marketing guru, Linsey may well be your first point of contact, especially for school photography. In her previous life as a Director at Saatchi & Saatchi (the famous global advertising agency), she used to commission art and work with some of the world’s greatest photographers for international campaigns (“She still does!” says Hayley). Linsey has brought us Saatchi’s corporate thoughts and approach to imagery as a means of visual communication, and has been part of the team since 2004.

Moving from such a huge organisation to a smaller company has been a bit of a culture change for Linsey. These days, she sometimes has to make her own tea! Although the budgets are different, she acknowledges that the discipline is the same, the standards are still exacting, and the work is still done to meet tight timing, brief and budget.

Her message to clients is “We are personable and personal, without the inflexible procedures or mindset of a big company. With us, you don’t have to fit into a standard system or package, there’s no ‘factory-feel’ about what we do. We give you a bespoke service. We’re not in the market of cutting corners.”

- Claims she can “talk people to death”
- Is a Beaver Scout Leader
- Has a husband, two children and a dog called Doobie

Valerie & Harold, Packers & Schlappers

Valerie & Harold, Packers & Schlappers

It’s a family affair! Hayley’s parents have been part of her team since day one.

Harold chauffeurs Hayley, Meni and all the heavy equipment around, so they can rush from taking pictures at the wedding ceremony to being ready at the reception venue as the couple arrive.

Valerie puts the school pictures into folders and sorts them into classes, so the school admin team don’t have to do a thing.

Before their retirement in 2000, for 35 years the couple ran factories in Stratford and South Wales, manufacturing ladies blouses for major retailers.

“After a successful career in fashion and property, I had looked forward to a nice relaxed retirement. I was wrong!” says Harold. Valerie adds: “Hayley’s the star, we’re happy to help and support her however we can.”

- Harold is a qualified Chartered Accountant and was a schoolboy boxing champion
- Valerie is “the artistic one” whose designs were well-respected in the fashion trade
- They are paid with love and kisses!

Photographers' Assistants

We employ a constantly changing team of assistants to make every shoot go smoothly, always working to our high standards. It’s a great learning opportunity to help them progress in their photographic career, and a great help to us and our clients.

We’re proud that most of our clients have been referred to us by word of mouth (there’s no better form of advertising). So if you want to check our reputation for superb photography, please see our Testimonials or ask around, especially in London’s Jewish community.

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