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Hayley Lehmann Photography

We do everything in our power to ensure that images taken of children are always treated with the utmost care, and the children themselves treated with great respect.

  1. All Hayley Lehmann Photographers and Assistants working in schools are checked by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).
  2. We will forward our CRB checks whenever asked by the school.
  3. On no occasion shall Hayley Lehmann Photographers have sole access to children.
  4. All children’s photographs loaded onto the HL Schools website are password protected
  5. All children’s photographs loaded onto the HL Schools website will be deleted at the end of each academic year.
  6. Neither Hayley Lehmann Ltd nor Hayley Lehmann Photographers will sell, trade or give any image to the national, local or international press.
  7. If requested by a carer, parent or child not to take a photograph this shall be fully complied with.
  8. If carer, parent or child request that any of their own images be removed from the Hayley Lehmann Ltd website, their request shall be complied with.
  9. Payment received by credit / debit cards or cheque provide a traceable path and confirmation of the purchaser's identity. Any orders paid for in cash will only be accepted via the school, and fulfilment of those orders will be delivered back to the school for distribution.
  10. All images are right click disabled to prevent unauthorised copying and/or image manipulation.
  11. Hayley Lehmann Photographers will not drink alcohol, smoke or use inappropriate language in front of children.
  12. Under no circumstance will a password or picture ID be given out via the telephone or email.
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Printing is disabled on the Hayley Lehmann website. If you wish to order copies of any of our prints then please contact us.

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