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Case Study: School Photography

Case Study: School Photography

The brief

To save the school the admin headache of chasing parents for money or returned photos, and to combat parents illegally scanning and returning photographs as unwanted, we introduced our proof card method for selling school photos to Michael Sobell Sinai School. We were the first school photography company employed by them to provide a license to use the automatic batch upload into their SIMS database program. We give the teachers complimentary copies of their class group photos each summer. Michael Sobell Sinai School loves the quality of pictures they get from us. Separate to the school contract, we have also photographed the weddings of Carol’s son and one of her daughters.

Client comment

“I was interviewing school photographers but hadn’t yet found anybody. As Hayley walked in a colleague whose wedding she had done said ‘You’ve got to have this woman, she’s very good’.

Hayley’s wonderful with the children and produces beautiful photographs.
She also thinks through the admin side and does everything in her power to take the pressure off the school. Each photo is delivered with a name or code to tell us who it is. Her use of SIMS is fantastic, because we can have a photo of every child and adult on file, we are able to give pictures to staff when they take children out.

School is always such a rush-around, but Hayley doesn’t get in the way. She gives instructions and ensures each child is looking and behaving in the right way. The children are not afraid or intimidated by her. She doesn’t bark orders at them, but tells them firmly and they laugh with her. She has a similar style to teachers, which is probably why the children respond.

She’s firm but fun, and not in your face. Very obliging, with no hidden agenda or surprises. Very straightforward, tells you how it is, is highly professional. Knows what’s what. She’s very efficient and easy to have around, works in her own style which suits us, and it’s a great plus that she’s so flexible and happy to go through what we want.

She’s also photographed lovely staff groups. In addition to this she has, since working for the school covered two of my children’s weddings and is a very good person to have around. This is our fourth year with Hayley Lehmann Photography. Long may it continue!”

Carol Ziedman, Michael Sobell Sinai School

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